Around the spring of 2021, this company gathered in the form of separate teams of experts and executive members to design and build a copper cathode production plant south of Shahroud. It was expected at the beginning that the path for implementation of the project will be followed like other projects. But it did not happen and, on the contrary, it faced challenges that became the starting point for the shaping of this company.

In the first stage of our collaboration, sampling of feed or mineral stock was necessary for process design. After taking samples and performing characterization and process tests, we realized that the type of deposit is different from other copper oxide mineral deposits and it cannot be processed in the conventional way. A challenge that had to be solved in any way because billions of Toomans had been spent up to that point and many people, including executive personnel, were hoping for the launch of this production complex. After about a year of putting all the expertise and executive power of the people to solve the problem and finding an appropriate method of extracting copper from this reserve, with many researches, studies, and experiments, finally a solution was found in terms of theory and laboratory studies. Currently, it passes some additional economic studies and setting up of the pilot test. After this successful cooperation, we managed to come together in the form of an independent team (this company) to serve the solution to other mines having the same problem also providing technical and engineering services in the fields of geometallurgy, mineral processing and extractive metallurgy. We provide process mineralogy, process design and optimization, laboratory, and pilot services in the mentioned fields to raw material industries and mines.